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Lotta Crabtree: Gold Rush Fairy Star

During the California Gold Rush, children performed for the miners. They called them "Fairy Stars"---and their favorite was Lotta Crabtree. To support her family, eight-year-old Lotta danced and sang. She dared to joke and strum her banjo at a time when both were considered unladylike. Lotta's career lasted for decades as she soared to national stardom and became America's first comedienne while inspiring girls and women to entertain on the stage.

Maxfield Parrish: Painter of Magical Make-Believe

Inspiring picture book biography of an artist whose colorful imaginative art appeared on ads, books, candy boxes, calendars, cards, murals, and posters. Prints of his work hung in millions of homes across America.

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Charlie Russell: Tale-Telling Cowboy Artist

Inspiring award-winning picture book biography of the greatest Western artist and storyteller is filled with colorful images of Charlie's drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Photos of him, his family, and log cabin studio and Russell's quotes add more color to his life story.

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Mary Cassatt: Impressionist Painter

Inspiring picture book biography contains colorful images of the art of Mary Cassatt and other Impressionist painters. Mary dreamed at the age of seven of being a famous painter and would be amazed today to learn she is considered one of the world's greatest Impressionist painters.

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