Lois V. Harris
Children's Author

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Selected Works

Biography of the spunky gal who danced, sang, and dared to joke and play the banjo when both were considered not ladylike. Lotta soared on to become America's first comedienne. Click on title link to go to book's page.
Award-winning biography about the famous Cowboy Artist and storyteller. Click on title link to page with reviews and a Discussion Guide.
Biography of the artist who created colorful dreamlands. Click on title link to page with reviews and a Discussion Guide.
Biography of one of the world's greatest Impressionist painters. Click on title link to page with reviews and a Discussion Guide.

Lotta Crabtree: Gold Rush Fairy Star---NEW!

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"Lotta Crabtree (1847–1924) was just eight years old when she first danced across the stage and into the hearts of her audience. As her performance ended, they erupted into cheers, and Crabtree's future was sealed. For the next 36 years, Crabtree would perform as a dancer, singer, actress, and musician on stages across the United States and even England. Hailed as America's first female comedian, Crabtree adored making people laugh. Throughout her life, from her poor yet exciting childhood to her fame as an international star, Crabtree loved nothing more than bringing joy to others.

Readers will enjoy following Crabtree's adventures through the well-organized and very readable chapters while learning a great deal of history and geography along the way. Frequent, fact-laden sidebars explain and expound on events and places mentioned throughout, and illustrations break up the text. The author remains objective while discussing some of the more questionable events of Crabtree's life, such as her alcoholic father and the use of blackface in performances. Most of the dialogue is taken from direct quotes, and source notes are provided along with the bibliography. VERDICT An insightful biography of a captivating woman; readers may be unfamiliar with Crabtree's name, but after reading this book, they'll never forget her." A general purchase for most collections.—Emily Beasley, Omaha Public Schools, School Library Journal

Lotta Crabtree: Gold Rush Fairy Star included in the Mixed-Up Files blog, Sept. 8, 2017, " 'Fall' Into Nonfiction With Some Great New Titles"

"This easy-to-read biography is sure to appeal to fans of 19th-century American history as well as those seeking narratives of strong and trailblazing women. Little Lotta's big life is a globe-trotting adventure of a woman ahead of her time, reminding contemporary readers that, 'if a girl is going to truly succeed in the world she must do so as her own self.' "---Kirkus

"What a wonderful book! It will be added to the collections of the California History Room." California State Library

"The photos look wonderful!....We'll be adding this copy to the SF History Center."San Francisco Public Library

33 fascinating historical photos/​illustrations
Valuable educational resource
Inspiring rags-to-riches story
Sidebars include related information and context
Glossary, bibliography, index